Monday 9:30am - Buggy Health Walks - Monday 13th July 2020 09:30 - Tuesday 29th July 2025 17:00

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Monday 9:30am - Buggy Health Walks

Before you enter Monday 9:30am - Buggy Health Walks

Guidelines for Walkers.

The Move More Health Walk  programme will be operated in strict accordance to the latest Government of Jersey Safe Exit strategy. The First priority of the programme is to safeguard the health of all who participate. 

  1. All walks will be weather dependant and the Move More Run, Walk, Cycle Officer  will monitor weather reports and will endeavour to provide maximum possible notification of any cancellations. Any cancellations of walks will be posted on our social media channels.
  2. Walkers must inform the Move More Walk Leaders, if there is any change to their health condition whilst participating in the health walk programme. Jersey Sport cannot be held responsible for any injury/ death which may occur as a result of any omission or false information.
  3. Walkers must accept that  you are walking entirely at their own risk and that you are suitably fit and well to attend a Health Walk.
  4. Walkers will be responsible for monitoring their own responses during exercise.
    •  If at any time on the walk, the walker experiences discomfort or concern, it is the walkers responsibility to inform the Walk Leader.
    • Walkers must stop immediately and inform the Walk Leaders if they feel unwell, experience any chest pain, nausea, dizziness or feel faint whilst exercising
    • If a walker is unwell (e.g. cold, flu, generally feeling unwell), they must not attend the walk.
  5. Jersey Sport, its staff and its volunteers cannot be held responsible for any injury which may take place as a result of the walker deviating from the instructions given by the walk leaders. 
  6. Please be aware that the level of walks varies across programme.  If participants are unsure which walk to sign up to, they should contact the Move More Run, Walk, Cycle Officer for advice prior to attending a walk.
  7. Walkers must wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the walk. The Walk Leaders will not be responsible for accidents incurred through participants wearing incorrect clothing or footwear.
  8. Walkers  are expected to arrive in time for the start of walks.  If a participant has any questions or concerns, they should arrange to arrive a few minutes early to discuss these with the Walk Leaders or call the Move More Run, Walk, Cycle officer prior to attending.
  9. Walk Leaders are unable to accept responsibility for participants personal belongings and/or medication.
  10. It is the walkers responsibility to bring and keep in their own possession any medication they may need during the walk, please also note that the Walk Leaders cannot administer any medications to walkers.
  11. If you are unable to attend their walk class, please cancel the session on the Race nation app or by contacting the Move More Run, Walk, Cycle Officer on 757 700
  12.   All walkers should bring a bottle of water should they feel they need it on a walk.
  13. All walkers and walk leaders will be required to maintain a minimum of 2m physical distance from all other parties (including other members of public on the walk) at all times.  Non-adherence may result in walkers being refused entry onto further walks in the future.  Please also adhere to this on arrival and departure from the venue within car parks and cafes.
  14. If a walker  has additional needs they should have a carer / friend who will support during the walk.
  15. All walks have been risk assessed and the Walk leaders will continue to remain vigilant on walks but it is the responsibility of all walkers to remain vigilant for hazards on the walk.
  16. Maximum attendance numbers for all classes will be set based on the current GOJ guidelines and will be strictly adhered to by the Walk Leaders. 
  17.  Each walk will have a Walk leader who holds  a First Aid Kit and is first aid trained and have received updated best practice guidelines for Covid First Aid. Please ensure you have an emergency contact number on your person should an emergency arise. 
  18. Please note, not all walks are near public toilets and as such there may not be opportunity to access toilet whilst on the walk. 
  19. Walkers are welcome to bring their own walking sticks / poles / walking aids but these are used at your own risk.

Monday 9:30am - Buggy Health Walks has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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About Monday 9:30am - Buggy Health Walks

Move More: Buggy Health Walks' provides friendly and attractive walk routes for new parents / grand-parents / carers to enjoy with their infant. We recognise that for some this stage of life can make it tricky to engage in physical activity and can be isolating at times. We offer a structured, accessible set point in the week to get out in the fresh air exercise and meet up with other new parents in a relaxed, supportive, inclusive and friendly environment. The walking routes have been carefully chosen to be manageable, gentle and inclusive.

All our walks are free of charge and many finish at local cafés which enables walkers to have  a well-deserved hot drink afterwards should they wish. All walkers must follow the latest Government COVID - 19 Guidelines on social distancing

The walk will last about 45 minutes, and chance for a cuppa and a catch up in a baby friendly cafe after the walk

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