Moray Way 100 and Moray Way Relays 2024 - Saturday 22nd 05:00 - Sunday 23rd June 2024 12:00

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Moray Way 100 and Moray Way Relays 2024


£ 98.00
Individual Affiliated
£ 98.00

£ 100.00
Individual Entry
£ 100.00

£ 200.00
Open £ 200.00
Open ( 4 x Ages 16 - 100 , Additional Slots Available Ages 16 - 100 )

£ 200.00
Masters £ 200.00
Masters Entry ( 4 x Ages 40 - 130 , Additional Slots Available Ages 40 - 130 )

£ 200.00
Corporate £ 200.00
Corporate ( 4 x Ages 16 - 100 , Additional Slots Available Ages 16 - 100 )

£ 200.00
Military or Public Service £ 200.00
Military/Public Service ( 4 x Ages 16 - 100 , Additional Slots Available Ages 16 - 100 )

£ 50.00
Individual Relay Entry
£ 50.00
Individual Relay Entry (Ages 18 - 130)

About Moray Way 100 and Moray Way Relays 2024

Beginning inland at the award winning Grant Park in Forres, you run along the High Street before turning and crossing the A96, towards the famous eco-village of Findhorn. Kinloss Barracks will be on your right (look out for planes!) and the local bay's nature reserve will be on your left. From here the coastal trail properly begins and the views are incredible!

From the trail at the top of the dunes, you enter Roseisle Forest all the way to Burghead, where a lovely new tarred path will greet you after Burghead Distillery to Hopeman.

The section from Hopeman to Covesea has some superb clifftop trails with even more spectacular views. At Covesea, provided the tide is out, you run along the beach with the lighthouse on your right and you feel like you are on a tropical island all the way to Lossiemouth, which is aid station 1!

You then enter Lossie Forest before reaching the beach again for a couple miles before Kingston, where you follow Garmouth & Kingston Golf Course, crossing the beautiful railway bridge before turning right, heading south towards Fochabers, which is aid station 2.

Continuing south, you pass Boat O' Brig, and start to climb Ben Aigen and follow a lovely descent into Craigellachie. You are now in whisky country!

Following the Speyside Way to Aberlour and towards Grantown-on-Spey, you pass several distilleries - soak in the sights and smells in this area! Aid station 3 is in the heart of it!

At Grantown, which is aid station 4, you join the Dava Way and have "just" a marathon to go! It is downhill from here, taking in the beautiful Cairngorms around you and the Moray Firth views in front of you.

On re-entering Forres, you will wind through more picturesque trails before finishing back at Grant Park. You have just completed the world's most beautiful 100 milers... congratulations (not that we're bias)!

The Moray Way 100 also features a RELAY!

Achieve the century distance as a team and celebrate together!

Teams of up to 4 (you can have less and run more!) will total the 100(ish!) mile distance, through forests, stunning coastline trails, up hills and over the sandy beaches.

BUT the good news is this does not mean you each run a marathon and hand over to the next team mate. We are mixing it up so everyone can take part, and not just you ultra dafties!

The race will be divided into 12 sections, where handovers will be at specific checkpoints. Each team chooses who runs each leg, as long as each runner does at least 3 legs (more if your team has less than 4 members!). You can do this by drawing straws, putting names in a hat, or having big arguments, just as long as you have it confirmed. You ARE able to change these prior to race day, provided you let us know!


  • Open (1 or more <40 years of age) 

  • Masters (everyone >40 years of age)

  • Corporate (2 or more are employed by the company being represented)

  • Military/Public Service (2 or more work in this sector eg RAF or the police)

  • All you need is some run fitness (the minimum distance you can run is 18km in the 24 hour cut off!), a couple of friends or co-workers and checkpoint/finish line banter!




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