Dava Way 50k 2024 - Saturday 9th 07:30 - Saturday 9th November 2024 15:30

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Dava Way 50k 2024


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£ 58.00
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£ 60.00
Standard Entry (Ages 18 - 130)

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About Dava Way 50k 2024

The Dava Way is the perfect race to transition from marathons to ultras, or if you are a seasoned ultrarunner looking for a quick 50km.

This trail links the historic towns of Grantown-on-Spey and Forres, with a "fun" finish to show you the RD's favourite running spots as a child to make the 50km distance! The route predominantly follows the old Highland Railway line, which means an off road yet runnable trail. 

The flat line goes up to the Dava Summit (1050ft) - which will keep things interesting! - before descending down to sea level. With a mix of woodland, moorland and farm track, the Dava way is one of Scotland's hidden treasures!

Highlights include: 

  • The Divie viaduct, the trail's icon, saved from demolition by Lord Laing

  • Huntly's Cove, a gorge where the 2nd Marquis of Huntly holed up in 1645

  • Dava summit at 321 m/1052 ft, with a replica of the original sign

  • The Breathing Place at DunphaiI, a place to stop, picnic and enjoy nature, near the viaduct

  • The Halfway Hut, restored as a shelter and picnic point (with solar panels)

  • Two wood sculptures: a dragoon near the summit and a collie dog which used to convey messages

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