Oldbury White Horse Children's Triathlon - Saturday 1st 14:00 - Saturday 1st May 2021 17:00

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Oldbury White Horse Children's Triathlon

Before you enter Oldbury White Horse Children's Triathlon

Please note that there will be some restrictions for this event relating to the COVID-19 planning which we will be releasing within the coming days. We will not offer a refund should there be any delay or change to the government pathway or advice from the national governing body or local council in relation to the event. If you have any hesitation, please do not place an entry. As it currently stands (12th March) this event WILL take place with the CURRENT pathway and measures mapped out on 1st March. 


The age is set by Triathlon England, the correct age group should be entered according to your age on 31st December 2021. 

Headphones including bone conductor headphones are not permitted to be used during this event. 

Your swim time is required to ensure we can seed you in the correct wave possible. 


This event is full, there is no accommodation for late entries.

Unfortunately we will not respond to emails requesting a late entry for this event. 

Please look out for another event in our calendar at www.lpsevents.co.uk 

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About Oldbury White Horse Children's Triathlon

Entries will be open between 1st February 2021 (midnight) - 24th April 2021 (12:00), unless full prior to this.
This event has been a sell out since 2017 with many disappointed athletes not getting a space.

Distance - please note the start times are approximate

1.5km Fun Run (Age 7 & under) - 14:00

This fun run is suitable for all ages, however it is tailored towards the age 7 & under, it will take place around the school playing fields. 

Youth (Age 15, 16) - from 14:15 

This event distance will be 250m swim (10 lengths), 5km grass cycle (5 laps), 2.5km run (5 laps).

Tri Star 3 (Age 13, 14) - from 14:30

This event distance will be 250m swim (10 lengths), 4km grass cycle (4 laps), 2.0km run (4 laps).

Tri Star 2 (Age 11, 12) - from 14:50

This event distance will be 200m swim (8 lengths), 3km grass cycle (3 laps), 1.5km run (3 laps).

Tri Star 1 (Age 9, 10) - from 15:20

This event distance will be 150m swim (6 lengths), 2km grass cycle (2 laps), 1.0km run (2 laps).

Tri Start (Age 8) - from 15:40

This event distance will be 50m swim (2 lengths), 1km grass cycle (1 lap), 500m run (1 lap).

Wiltshire Junior Race League

The Fun Run will be race 3 in the Wiltshire Junior Race League. For all other races please visit the race league website here. The league is open to any runner who is affiliated to a running club in Wiltshire. You do not have to be in a club to take part in this fun run.

Smart Start System (snaked version)

After two successful years of this being implemented into our adult event, we will be introducing this into our 2018 Children's Triathlon. The Smart Start System works by adding a swimmer into the pool every 15-30 seconds, depending on your swim speed. This prevents congestion and also allows you to have a better swim as those in front of you have settled into their pace so there is no scrapping for the lead. 

This smart start system will be implemented with a snake style swim course, where each swimmer will swim up and down the lane, duck under the lane rope, and continue in each lane until they exit the pool.

More importantly, this start method guarantees you start your race on the time in which you are given, no delays. Read more about our Smart Start System here. Read our visual race briefing here.

Start Times - Provisional

We will be working on a rolling start from 14:00. 

Sponsorship & Fundraising

If you wish to fundraise for this event, we are encouraging support to The Salvation Army: Recycles Swindon. 

As a social enterprise we create opportunities for people who have experienced homelessness to turn their lives around, recognise their full potential, learn and develop enabling them to transform their own lives. 

Creating new social networks and shared targets for the future, we develop a purpose in which we can work together to achieve an exciting and sustainable future for the business and the individual. 

Through work experience, confidence building, social activities, qualifications and skills development. Our social enterprises equip people to move forward into independent living and further opportunities within the community. 

Our team of volunteers have experienced homelessness and are ready to support others to turn their lives around.

The Sandwich People & Recycles provides the opportunity to get involved in running a small business and gain valuable work experience in a safe environment.

For more information on The Salvation Army: Recycles Swindon visit their website here

Event Course

The swim will take place in the swimming pool of Calne Leisure Centre. This will be lengths of a 25 metre pool. You will start and finish at the shallow end, where you will exit through the door on the far side. Transition will be located on the playing fields just outside; you will have approximately 150 metres to your bike. The cycle route is laps (on grass) of approximately 1000 metres. You will come back into transition where you can quick change your shoes and drop your bike off, before heading out on your run, this is laps (on grass) of approximately 500 metres. As you come to the end of your final lap, you will finish on the spectator friendly cricket strip.

Race Number & Timing Chip Collection

You will be able to register for the event and pick up any race numbers before your start time. You will be required to show photographic identification or your confirmation email to verify whom you are when you register on the day. Race registration will be open between 13:00 and 14:30 on the day. All cycle racking is to take place on the day of the event. Only competitors will be allowed in transition and on poolside. Parents must respect this rule to prevent disqualification. Due to the coronavirus measures in place, please do not arrive to registration more than 01 hour and 00 minutes prior to your start time. 


Ample parking is available at Calne Leisure Centre. An overflow car park will be available on the school tennis courts, please do not park along the entrance road.

Travel times by car vary, however as a guide you can get here from the following cities by google maps. The nearest motorway junction is J14-J17 on the M4. 
Salisbury - 0hr 55
Cardiff - 1hr 15
London - 1hr 55
Birmingham - 1hr 55
Exeter - 1hr 55


LPS Food will be serving food and drink at Oldbury White Horse Triathlon Events with a range of snacks. 


Charles Whitton Photography will be providing race coverage for this event. Visit his page for more information.

Post Event

No presentations will take place at this event. Podiums will be posted out on following the event. 

Winners awarded to the following; 1st, 2nd & 3rd male and 1st, 2nd & 3rd female overall in each race.

Results will be available shortly after the event and uploaded onto LPS Events website under the results page. There will be a link to the event photographs from the results page also.

Online Entry

You can enter through our partner RaceNation where you can update your entry if anything changes closer to the event. If you require a postal entry, please contact us. Entries on the day for this event will not be accepted.

A copy of the Triathlon England rulebook can be found here
We will have a Triathlon England Technical Official present on the day of the event. 
Please familiarise yourself with the rules to prevent disappointment on the day.

What's Included?

For your entrance fee, you will receive a bespoke medal, designed especially for this event. You will also receive a finishers memento. Electronic timing is available for the event and you will receive electronic split times for the event. You will have access to a free online training programme and also you will be part of the 2021 Oldbury White Horse Triathlon.

Event Cancellation

As soon as we receive your entry for this event, the money is budgeted towards the successful delivery of this event. For this reason refunds will not be permitted once you have entered. You can view our policies here. By signing up to this event you are agreeing to these policies and understand that refunds are not possible. 

Venue Information 

The redevelopment at Calne Leisure Centre has been completed, there may be some changes to previous years with the race day registration location but this will be provided in the lead up to the event. For those of you who have raced here previously, the building and its facilities have had a major uplift. 

Calne Leisure Centre lies in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside. It has fantastic and well-equipped changing and sports facilities, which include a 25m swimming pool, ideal for triathlon training. 

Suitable access to the sports grounds, direct from poolside, allows a great transition from swim to bike. The cycle leg takes you past Oldbury White Horse, one of the oldest in Wiltshire. Both the cycle and run route are out and back on a competitive friendly and fast course, which make it suitable for both seasoned athletes and complete beginners.

The Oldbury White Horse children’s triathlon events take place on the sports grounds making this very safe (traffic free) for children and ideal for family spectating.

Training for this event

You should ensure that you train your body for endurance multisport events and build up your stamina. This will enhance your overall fitness. A combination of strengthened joints and also fitness will aid in your successful completion of this event and assist with your recovery after the event. As you will be mixing disciplines, we recommend that you train this way by combining your sessions back to back, especially your bike to run. This will make your triathlon experience much more enjoyable.
Download a free training programme for this event on our coaching page.


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