Cotswolds Lake 62 Evening Events 4 - Wednesday 17th 19:00 - Wednesday 17th August 2022 20:30

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Cotswolds Lake 62 Evening Events 4

Before you enter Cotswolds Lake 62 Evening Events 4

The minimum age to take part in this event is 15, this age has been set by Triathlon England. 

Headphones including bone conductor headphones are not permitted to be used during this event. 


This event will be opening soon.

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About Cotswolds Lake 62 Evening Events 4

Welcome to the Cotswolds Lake 62 Evening Events, based at a private venue in the Cotswolds. For an exclusive race, join others in taking part in one of the options of multisport racing. 

Choose from a Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike or Aquathlon event. All the swimming takes place in the private lake, with cycling on the Cotswolds roads and running within the venue. 

We have some great mid week racing. 

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