Lions Muddy Fun Run 2021 - Saturday 18th 10:00 - Saturday 18th September 2021 17:00

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Lions Muddy Fun Run 2021

Before you enter Lions Muddy Fun Run 2021

The 2021 course is 4k long and designed to be suitable for everyone, be they individuals, families or adult teams. All registrations are via this on-line site. Please choose your preferred start time when registering.

Children must be 7+ years old and above 1.2m in height.  Children of 12 years or less must be accompanied by a responsible adult with a maximum of 3 children per adult.

Individuals or teams should register on-line beforehand using this website. 

Please Check-In at the on-site registration desk not less than 20 minutes before your ticketed time. Ticket times are half hourly however, on Race day, runners will be released in batches every 5 to 10 minutes. 

On-line registration is now closed, but you may enter on the day at the event itself for start times between 12.30p and 2.30pm.  


Lions Muddy Fun Run 2021 has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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About Lions Muddy Fun Run 2021

Come and join the Lions Club of Jersey for a fun few hours of running, climbing, jumping, crawling and of course laughing as you attempt to traverse the obstacles and fields in their Muddy Fun Run 2021. As the title suggests, there is also a risk of getting dirty! This Lions Club of Jersey charitable event puts the "Fun" into Fundraising. 

The Lions Muddy Fun Run is a lot more than just a run through some fields. Aside from a dozen or so obstacles, the main Arena has plenty to entertain those waiting to run, those who have run and those who have no intention of running! 


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Lions Club of Jersey

Registration Number: AJC24