9 Bays in 30 Days 2023 - Guernsey - Saturday 1st 00:00 - Sunday 30th July 2023 23:00

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9 Bays in 30 Days 2023 - Guernsey

Before you enter 9 Bays in 30 Days 2023 - Guernsey

The 9 Bays in 30 Days list (bays can be ticked off in any order, whenever you like between 1st-30th July 2022). The main 30baysin30days event has group swims on 1st July, 6.30pm at Vazon and 30th July, 5pm at Cobo which you are welcome to join.

Petit Bot
Grandes Rocques
Port Soif
Ladies Bay


Each participant will be sent a free map and sticker pack, beautifully illustrated by local artist Ginny Morgan which will be sent out a week before the event starts.


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About 9 Bays in 30 Days 2023 - Guernsey

This smaller version of the 30baysin30days is perfect for families with young children, anyone new to the event or people who are short of time. We have included the most accessible bays on the list which all have toilets, kiosks and parking.

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