30 walks in 30 days 2024 - Monday 1st 00:00 - Tuesday 30th April 2024 12:00

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30 walks in 30 days 2024

Before you enter 30 walks in 30 days 2024

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As an independent charity our Hospice does not receive any financial support from the States of Guernsey so we need to raise £1.75m each year to cover our running costs. By registering for this event your support will make a big difference in helping us provide free 24 hour specialist care to our patients and their loved ones when they need us most.

All we encourage you to do is walk every day for 30 days between 1st-30th April but everyone is different so here are some ideas for your own challenge:

 - Walk a Daily Mile every day for 30 days. Be inspired by the Health Improvement Commission's "Walk This Way" campaign

- Walk 10,000 steps every day for 30 days

- Challenge friends and family to see who can walk the most steps during the month

- Sign up as a team of 4 and challenge another team (think inter-office or inter-firm rivalry!) to see who can walk the most steps during the month

- Choose where you walking would take you in the world as a target. For example a team of 4 could cover 660 miles during the month (based on 10,000 steps a day) which would take them as far as Denmark or Spain. Where would you go?

You can walk whenever you like so whether it is as the sun is rising to celebrate the start of the day, your commute to and from work, to collect shopping, walk the dog, in your lunch hour or when the children are in bed - the timing is up to you and what fits in with your day.


£ 60.00
Team (max of 4 members, 1st member must be 18+)
£ 60.00
Team Entry ( 4 x Ages 16 - 100 )

£ 15.00
Adult 16+SNGL
£ 15.00
Adult (Ages 16 - 100)

£ 5.00
Child U16 SNGL
£ 5.00
Child Entry (Ages 5 - 16)

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About 30 walks in 30 days 2024

Need some motivation to move more? Want to change your commuting habits? Maybe you would like to explore more of Guernsey and make the most of the lighter evenings. If you work in an office this could be the chance to get some friendly inter-office rivalry on the go in teams of 4 or even inter-island rivalry if your company has an office in Jersey (their Hospice is also running this event).

Whether you are an individual taking on the challenge or working together in a team this walking challenge can be tailored to fit into busy days and suitable for every fitness level.

Walking is one of the easiest but often overlooked forms of exercise which can help build stamina, burn calories and contribute to good heart health. If you are swapping your car journey for walking it is also good for the environment!


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