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The Gynaecological Cancer Fund is a charity with a mission to raise funds in support of The Royal Marsden and Dr Susana Banerjee, a leading oncologist, in her groundbreaking work into precision therapies. This involves a personalised approach to gynaecological cancer treatment, which looks at an individual’s DNA in order to tailor drugs to the patient, rather than a one-size- fits-all approach. Each member of our Committee has lost a mother, sister or friend to gynaecological or breast cancer. We are all deeply committed to raising money to fund Dr Banerjee’s clinical research trials, as well as additional funds for the awareness campaign to help people understand more about gynaecological cancers and their symptoms. THE COMMITTEE BRIDGET BARKER - CHLOE DELEVINGNE - JOSEPHINE DANIEL - ASTRID HARBORD - KATE PERCIVAL - JENNY HALPERN PRINCE - MIKA SIMMONS - TAMARA BECKWITH VERONI The Gynaecological Cancer Fund is operated by the Lady Garden Foundation

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