Knockout Jersey 2022 - Saturday 18th 10:00 - Sunday 19th June 2022 18:00

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Knockout Jersey 2022

Before you enter Knockout Jersey 2022

Fundraise whilst having fun with Knockout Jersey 2022!

Event dates:     
Saturday 18th June & Sunday 19th June 2022
Venue:               The Royal Jersey Showground (Trinity)             

Get your teams together for some team-building fun with the return of Knockout Jersey, hosted by Friends of SCBU & Jersey Children’s Charity. The event promises to be an absolute blast full of fun, water, foam and lots of laughs, and all for a wonderful cause – the precious babies and children in the Special Care Baby Unit and Robin Ward at the Jersey General Hospital.

With the event set over the weekend, you can chose to compete on either Saturday 18th or Sunday 19th June 2022. (Please note, you will only compete on one day).


£ 300.00
Sunday 19th June 2022 £ 300.00
Sunday 19th 2022

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About Knockout Jersey 2022

What are the team requirements?

Teams can have a maximum of 10 people – you may enter a team with less than 10 people but you will have to work harder! We ask that one of you take on the role of Team Captain as this makes it easier for us to contact you. We also need you to come up with a team name – it can be as simple or as wacky as you like! There will also be prize for the best-dressed team!

How much is it to enter?

Registration is £30 per person based on a team of 10 people (£300 per team).

How do we register?

Your Team Captain can register your team by purchasing a 'team ticket'. We require your team’s £300 registration fee to secure your team’s place in the event. The Team Captain can chose which day you wish to compete on, and has the option of registering all team members required information (name, address, age, t-shirt size) during registration or can opt to invite each individual to complete their own information after registration. Places will be filled on a first come first served basis, so we recommend that you make your payment as soon as possible to secure your team’s entry.

Do we need to raise sponsorship?

Although this is a fantastic fun day, the ultimate aim is to raise funds for both the Special Care Baby Unit and Robin Ward at the Jersey General Hospital.  We therefore ask that each team MUST raise a minimum of £250 in sponsorship (£25 per person based on a team of 10 people). This can either be in the form of online or paper sponsorship forms for either the whole team or each participant  – or a combination of both!

Please note that by registering for Knockout Jersey 2022, you acknowledge that in addition to the entry fee your team must raise a minimum of £250 in fundraising/sponsorship.

Is the event for corporates and companies only?

No! It is a great team building day, so is perfect for companies, however, anyone is welcome and if you want to get together with your family, friends or club members to create a team then go for it!

Is there a minimum age limit?

Yes, for insurance purposes you must be at least 14 years of age on the day of the event. If you do have a child of 14 years of age taking part then a separate waiver will need to be signed so by a parent/guardian, therefore please email and the team will provide one.

Do we need to be really fit?

You need to be in good health, but this is not a marathon! As long as you are reasonably fit you shouldn’t have a problem – if you can manage on a bouncy castle then you can manage this event!

What do we need to bring on the day?

A change of clothes, shoes and a towel! Although we will be providing the best-dressed team with a prize, it is important to ensure that you wear something that you find easy to move in. You will be provided with an official event t-shirt that some teams chose to compete in, whilst others save it to change in to after the event. Changing facilities are available at the venue as YOU WILL GET WET!!

Can our families and friends come and cheer us on?

Of course! The more the merrier!

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