Virtual Paddleboard Challenges 2021 - Tuesday 1st June 00:00 - Sunday 31st October 2021 23:55

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Virtual Paddleboard Challenges 2021

Before you enter Virtual Paddleboard Challenges 2021

We're looking forward to sending you one of our unique medals once you've provided your evidence and photo of your paddle. We currently have 1km, 5km, 10km options with individual medals. New for 2021 we're offering our original metal medal for those of you who can complete a Half Marathon on your board. Please note that the 5km and 10km medals are made from natural wood to be more sustainable.  

To take part you will have to ensure you’ve read the full terms and conditions of entry. The event organiser cannot take any responsibility for your health and safety whilst using your paddleboard on open water. 

You must be physically able to complete your chosen distance using a paddleboard, and you must be able to swim in open waters.

We strongly advise wearing a personal flotation device (PFD) and please ensure you attach yourself to your paddleboard using the leash.

Before entering, please consider all relevant guidance relating to using a paddleboard. Further information can be found on the British Stand Up Paddle Association Website 

Please note this is a virtual event and is to be completed in your own time as an individual or small group of no more than six people or in accordance to what the COVID-19 roadmap allows (adhering to current Government Guidance)


£ 12.00
1KM Paddleboarding Challenge
£ 12.00
1KM Challenge (Ages 10 - 110)

£ 12.00
Paddleboarding Half Marathon Challenge
£ 12.00
Half Marathon Challenge (Ages 16 - 110)

£ 10.00
5KM Paddleboarding Challenge
£ 10.00
5KM Challenge (Ages 10 - 110)

£ 10.00
10KM Paddleboarding Challenge
£ 10.00
10KM Challenge (Ages 10 - 110)

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About Virtual Paddleboard Challenges 2021

Grab your paddleboard and take part in our series of Virtual Paddleboard Challenges, following the success of last year. Can we smother our map of the UK with even more participants? 

Choose your distance, earn your bespoke medal. Using a map showing your start/finish point, or a screen shot of a GPS tracking device (we won't be too strict!) send us your evidence along with a photo of you on your board, and we will send you a unique Paddleboard Challenge medal according to the distance you've chosen.

We will also add you to the Facebook Hall of Fame!

Please do send us an image of where you've completed your challenge too, which we can add to our Instagram page. 

Follow us on Strava to be added to our Leaderboard. 

All evidence and photos to be sent to, the organisers of this event. 

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