20240204 Big Maggy's Sorel Duathlon - Sunday 4th 09:00 - Sunday 4th February 2024 11:00

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20240204 Big Maggy's Sorel Duathlon

Before you enter 20240204 Big Maggy's Sorel Duathlon

This is a free event open to anyone born in 2007 to 2016 inclusive.

You will need only a road worthy bike, a helmet and clothes/shoes for running and cycling in.  The weather may be cold before and after the race so please make sure you have warm clothes and appropriate hydration and nutrition.  Unless they use a mountain bike, any racing style bike should be appropriately restricted (google British Cycling guidelines if unsure or arrive early and let one of the organisers know).  Parents should check that all handlebars are plugged, brakes are effective, tyres properly inflated and all other components are in good working order.  Registration will open at 08:30 for an 09:00 sharp start.

If you have any specific needs to allow you to participate, please enter brief details in the medical section of your entry and we'll be in touch ahead of the event.


Registration for this event has now closed.

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About 20240204 Big Maggy's Sorel Duathlon

This is a duathlon (run, transition, bike, transition, run) open to anyone born in 2016 (Tristars Start) - 2007.  Distances are age dependent and will be approximately as follows:

Tristars Start (2016): 400m, 1.6km (2 laps), 200m

Tristars 1 (2014-5): 800m, 3.2km (4 laps), 400m

Tristars 2 (2012-3): 1,600m, 4.0km (5 laps), 800m

Tristars 3 (2010-1): 1,600m, 4.8km (6 laps), 800m

Youth (2007-8): 1,600m, 4.8km (6 laps), 800m

All bike laps are clockwise around the Sorel Go Kart Track, all runs will be predominantly on tarmac although a small part may be on grass.

NB To support those new to the sport, those who are moving up an age group or for any other reasonable reason, any athlete can elect to participate with a younger group if they wish (their result will be asterixed accordingly).

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