Jersey Spartan Autumn Half Marathon 2021 - Sunday 5th September 2021

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Jersey Spartan Autumn Half Marathon 2021

Before you enter Jersey Spartan Autumn Half Marathon 2021

9am -12pm Sunday 5th September 2021

Jersey Spartan Half Marathon is a friendly community event which is open to runners of all abilities.

The race is the most southerly half marathon in the British Isles and is held on tarmac roads. 

The course undulates from the athletics track in St Clement at sea level and rises after the first mile through scenic country lanes to the north-eastern parishes and passes several local heritage sites.  

Each adult runner will receive a technical t-shirt and a bespoke medal.

If you decide that you do not require a t-shirt please select the option No T-Shirt from the drop-down during the registration process and Jersey Spartan A.C. will make a donation to Jersey Hospice Care.

To take part in the full half marathon athletes must be aged 17 or over.   


Adult Entry
£ 33.00
+ Technical T shirt included with ticket
+ Admin fees £ 1.74

Jersey Spartan member - t-shirt and medal
£ 10.00
+ Admin fees £ 0.55

Jersey Spartan Member Entry - no t-shirt or medal
£ 0.00

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about Jersey Spartan Autumn Half Marathon 2021

Jersey Spartan Autumn Half Marathon Briefing Notes

The Half starts on the track near to the Clubhouse at 9:00 am. Runners do a single lap clockwise at the start and another one to finish at similar point to start line about 40 metres from Clubhouse at the 200 metre mark. 

Generally we advise runners not to push too hard from Longueville Manor to Hougue Bie as the rest of the course is more “accommodating”.

Please note your number has an embedded chip so please do not damage the number as you may not get a race result from the electronic timekeeping. Your details need to be added on the rear in case of emergency.  The number should be clearly visible on your front especially as we have manual back up timekeepers.

Parking is limited so please share cars wherever possible. When arriving at FB Fields please park via the Plat Douet Road WESTERN entrance  to the grassed pitches.  Avoid parking at the FB Fields main car park as this shall be already busy with people who attend the Church & Table Tennis.  Parking will also be available on the tarmac netball pitches which can be accessed from Plat Douet road and then through the estate .

Please arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before the 9:00 am start. The grassed field in front of the Jersey Sport pavilion is the recommended area for warm up. Toilets are found adjacent to pavilion, in the Clubhouse and at the Netball block near the stand on Far Side.

To take part in the full half marathon athletes must be aged 17 or over.   

If you decide that you do not require a t-shirt please select the option No T-Shirt from the drop-down during the registration process and Jersey Spartan will make a donation to Jersey Hospice Care.

The Course map is attached. Mile markers will be out. After the initial 1.25 miles the roads are open to traffic and you are directed to stay on the left hand side. The course is measured based on open roads with runners on left hand side (of road) and you may be disqualified if you cut the course by running a shorter course beyond the middle road markings. PLEASE NOTE RUNNERS MUST NOT USE LISTENING DEVICES as this adds significantly to the risk of a Runner not being aware of other runners and Traffic on the route.  It is not normal for runners to use pavements in Road Races of this kind but in exception on the coast road some runners may feel more comfortable on the pavement when traffic is busy. Please remember to move off the pavement if there are pedestrians. 

Results will be scrutinized and signed off to be published as soon as practicable via email or a link to website and through the Club Facebook page. Those results are sent to Run Britain as the course and event is held under specific permits.

Information regarding the presentation of awards for runners in the respective age categories will be available shortly. 

Any offers of help on the day, for marshalling, handing out water, or with set up would be gratefully received, please email Hannah at .

Medical Support and your Personal Safety

We take your safety very seriously and endeavour to provide a safe environment for you to race in, however,you must take every precaution to prevent de-hydration and follow these basic rules:

Ensure that you are well hydrated before race day

Sip water as you wait in the start area

If you feel the need to drink between water stops bring your own water bottle or hydration pack

Take time to drink at each water station-slow down and drink

If you are feeling that your heart rate,temperature and breathing are not as you would normally expect during a race you must stop, cool down and decide whether you should walk, retire or carry on.

Normandy Rescue will be supplying ambulance and paramedic cover on the day.

Water stations

Jersey Spartan AC seeks to make the JSAC Autumn Half Marathon an eco friendly event. To cut down on plastic please try to bring your own hydration packs. We are hoping to provide water in edible seaweed pods at the water stations.

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