Bailiff's Ukraine Appeal - Tuesday 1st March 00:00 - Sunday 4th September 2022 23:55

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Bailiff's Ukraine Appeal

Before you enter Bailiff's Ukraine Appeal

Your support will help deliver an emergency response to the crisis.

A donation will help people fleeing their homes have access to water, food, shelter and first aid as well as supporting vital infrastructure and emergency services, hospitals, and healthcare facilities.

Help aid reach more people

£20 can provide a plastic tarpaulin to a family in Ukraine, to help them protect their damaged home or shelter from the elements.

£50* could provide blankets for four families taking shelter

£100* could provide an emergency medical trauma kit

*Add 25% to your donation at no cost to you
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About Bailiff's Ukraine Appeal

Millions of people have been displaced since 24 February, fleeing to neighbouring countries with only what they can carry. Families have been separated and lives have been lost. As this humanitarian crisis unfolds, Jersey pledges to stand side by side with Ukraine to support our friends and neighbours in their hour of need.

Jersey Side By Side provides humanitarian assistance to people most in need in the wake of major emergencies and natural disasters around the world. We are fundraising for the Bailiff’s Ukraine Appeal to direct islander’s generosity to where it is most needed. If you are a Jersey taxpayer, by donating to Side by Side your money can go further. For donations over £50, every £1 donated by a taxpayer can be worth £1.25 to the appeal.

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