Sark 2 Jersey 2024 - Saturday 20th 13:30 - Saturday 20th July 2024 18:00

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Sark 2 Jersey 2024


£ 112.00
Quads £ 112.00

£ 56.00
Doubles £ 56.00

£ 28.00
Singles £ 28.00

About Sark 2 Jersey 2024

Safety Requirements

You agree to equip yourself and your crew with

- A seaworthy Rowing boat

- Rowing Boat Insurance

- Capable and competent crew

- A Guard Boat

- A Life jackets per person (cox to wear)

- 3 distress flares.

- A knife

- An attached rope suitable for towing

- VHF Radio

- Number identification (e.g your boat number) on guard boat



Competitors will be subject to random boat safety scrutiny checks at the start and the finish of the race with the potential for disqualification for those not complying.


Race Rules

All competitors must read and confirm their agreement to the race rules (linked below) covering the boat insurance, equipment and the crew.

Race Rules


Guard Boat

All entries must provide their own guard boat. It is important the guard boat is capable and equipped to rescue the whole crew and has a VHF radio.

There is a safety briefing at St Helier Yacht Club which will be confirmed (GRC will organise a briefing and publish a date).

This is mandatory for all Jersey skippers and the crew Captain should ensure they can attend. Failure to attend may result in the entry being withdrawn.

All skippers agree to safeguard the rowing boat in which the crew will be competing until the crew member(s) is/are returned to safety and will co-operate with the organisers to that end.

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