Gin-D 1 - Monday 18th 09:00 - Monday 18th April 2022 13:00

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Gin-D 1

Before you enter Gin-D 1

GinD Series
The GinD series makes up the core of the Jersey based racing. It consists of 6 scheduled races with crews negotiating various courses set within St Aubins Bay, against other boats in their class. Points are awarded to each class of boat for the 6 races.

1st place – 10 points
2nd place – 7 points
3rd place – 6 points
4th place – 5 points
5th place – 4 points
6th place – 3 points
7th place – 2 points
8th place – 1 point

At the end of the series crews will be able to discount their worst 2 results. Trophies for the GinD series are presented at the end of season Annual Dinner.


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