The Hawksford Castle Chase 2022 - Tuesday 27th 12:30 - Tuesday 27th September 2022 13:30

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The Hawksford Castle Chase 2022

Before you enter The Hawksford Castle Chase 2022

To take part in the Hawksford Castle Chase with Rock n Road you must be aged over 18 years old and in good health.  The race is over the sand at low tide and there will be rocks and other natural obstacles left from the tide.   The race will take place at lunchtime of 27 September while the tide is low between 12.15pm and 1.15pm.  If you are registering 5 or more teams please contact Race Organiser Helen Gray about discounted entry.


Sorry, you are too late, the Hawksford Castle Chase is now fully booked.

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About The Hawksford Castle Chase 2022

The Hawksford Castle Chase with Rock n Road is Jersey’s only lunchtime beach trail race for a cause. A relay team of two race from the shore out to Elizabeth Castle and back at low-tide. It’s a ‘harder than it looks’ distance of two miles across the sand at low-tide. A team of two costs £25, there are discounts for companies entering 5 or more teams. All the money raised supports local charitable organisation, Jersey Heritage and the amazing work they do to keep our Island’s stories alive. Support Jersey Heritage and get involved. 

Please note - we are not creating single use event running vests, instead all the money from your registration will go to support Jersey Heritage.

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Jersey Heritage

Registration Number: 411