Jersey Cycling - Seniors CX Coaching - Sunday 21st 09:45 - Sunday 21st November 2021 10:45

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Jersey Cycling - Seniors CX Coaching

Jersey Cycling - Seniors CX Coaching has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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About Jersey Cycling - Seniors CX Coaching

Try a 60 minutes session experiencing different aspects of cyclocross riding. The sessions will help develop your skills in readiness for the race season.

Sessions are aimed at progressing skills to become more proficient in techniques such as race starts, dismounts/remounts, cornering, carrying the bike, ascending & descending as well as riding the sand. Once again this season sand will be a feature!

Sessions will be led by a qualified cyclocross coach and will involve some coach led racing scenarios to give you the opportunity to apply your skills under pressure but at the same time riding in a fun & supportive environment.

Items to bring:

1. A cyclocross bike or mountain bike that is safe to ride & has two working brakes.

2. A helmet that complies with current safety standards.

3. Clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

4. Lights on your bike if riding home in reduced daylight/night.

5. Cycling shoes you can run in or trainers.

6. Spares in case of a puncture, a pump too in case no one else has one.

7. Water in a plastic bottle.

8. Food to sustain the activity & ride home.

Health status: Riders will be required to complete a form to confirm they are medically fit to participate in strenuous activity. The Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire Form can be downloaded from the Facebook page Plan2coaching, closed group Plan2coaching Cyclocross & must be returned via email to before attending the first session. Updates on coaching sessions will be posted in this closed group for those riders signed-up.

Cyclocross is a winter sport and coaching will occur even if raining. However if weather conditions are deemed too severe the session will be postponed.

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