Hunt Force: evade capture and tag locations - Sunday 4th 13:00 - Sunday 4th September 2022 16:00

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Hunt Force: evade capture and tag locations


£ 19.00
Wandsworth / Clapham Hunt (includes beer/wine)
£ 19.00
General entry (Ages 18 - 130)

£ 15.00
Wandsworth / Clapham Hunt (includes soft drink)
£ 15.00
General entry (Ages 18 - 130)

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About Hunt Force: evade capture and tag locations

It's the best of paintballing, treasure hunts, and tag, mixed with mobile technology

Work as a team to reach locations while evading capture from the hunters...

How does it work?

Book onto a hunt, download the app, and meet us near Wandsworth Common where you'll be put into two teams.

One team must run to pins shown on their map and tag them to score points.

The other team use their phone to track, hunt, and capture the first team!

Once everyone has been caught it's back to HQ for a quick break, then everyone swaps sides and the hunters become the hunted!


The team that tags the most locations wins and earns themselves the coveted Hunt Force winners medal.

We create a friendly sociable atmosphere at every event and by the end everyone's talking about being a hunter or hunting, and trading war stories.

What's included

  • 3-4 hour event

  • Dedicated host

  • Full game briefing

  • Winner's medals

  • Digital awards

  • Soft drink*


  • Toilets

  • Food

  • Drinks

Please note: this is a non contact game and will involve a degree of running, jogging, and walking.

You must be 18 years or older to play

For more details please visit our website:

*Soft drink can be upgraded to an alcoholic drink

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