Headway SuperTeams Challenge - Saturday 17th July 2021

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Headway SuperTeams Challenge

Before you enter Headway SuperTeams Challenge

Thanks for joining the Headway SuperTeams Challenge 2021.

By registering for a free ticket, you will have access to your fundraising page where you can enter your ( minimum commitment £250 per team) totals and see your progress on the fundraising leaderboard.

Remember! There is a trophy for the top fundraising team too,as well as trophies for the overall category winners. The top 10 fundraising teams will also receive a boost for the finale of the 800m relay, so what you achieve in £££'s could make a big difference to your team's success!

Fundraising for Headway Jersey has been devastated due to Covid-19 over the past year with losses of £150,000 on top of our annual running costs of £350,000. We are now striving to do our very best to continue to provide our services to those who have suffered from a brain injury including Stroke, Brain Tumour, Aneurysm and Accidents amongst many other causes.

We thank you for taking part in the Headway SuperTeams Challenge and helping us to continue to provide our life changing services to those affected, their families and carers.

For more information please go to www.headway.org.je

Please note: only 1 person from each team will need to register.


Team Fundraising £ 0.00
Fundraising only (Ages 18 - 130)

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Headway Jersey

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