Open Castle Charity Swim - Sunday 11th 10:45 - Sunday 11th August 2024 12:30

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Open Castle Charity Swim

Before you enter Open Castle Charity Swim

You'll soon be gliding through the water like a pro, making waves of difference for local charities.

Simply press the "+ Add" button below and then proceed to the checkout to complete your registration.

If you want to learn more about our swim, scroll down to the "About ...." entry below where you will also find a link our dedicated page on the Guernsey Swimming Club website.

Once registered, please remember that this provides an opportunity to raise much needed funds for our selected local charities and we'd recommend sharing your sponsorship page with others to make donations.

Join us now and help make this another record breaking year.

Thank you for your support!


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Individual Entry - £6 minimum donation added during registration £ 0.00
£6 minimum donation added during registration (Ages 10 - 130)
Linked to Charity: Guernsey Swimming Club

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Even if you're not taking part in Open Castle Charity Swim you can still do your part for a good cause by making a donation.
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About Open Castle Charity Swim

This is the first year in the events history that we are providing you with the opportunity to register early.



This year's swim will be returning on Sunday 11th August 2024. Sign up now and enjoy being part of Guernsey's Open Castle Chairty Swim. 

This swim is open to everyone 10 years +. Whether you are living locally, a past Guernsey resident or someone from further afield. Every year hundreds of swimmers ready their suits to take part in this historic Guernsey charity event, promoted by the Guernsey Swimming Club. If you are unsure whether the event is for you, please check out all the information on the dedicated page on the Guernsey Swimming Club website and use the contact form to get in touch.

We would love to thank the events sponsor BWCI, who generously met the costs of staging this event, ensuring that all money raised is donated to our chosen local charities. The Guernsey Swimming Club website provides all the information needed for those wishing to raise sponsorship as a swimmer and those who simply wish to support.

Please remember that in registering for the Open Castle Charity Swim, you are agreeing to support those specific charities which have been chosen by the Guernsey Swimming Club and BWCI.

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Guernsey Swimming Club

Registration Number: CH383

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