Sure Guernsey Marathon 2023 - Sunday 2nd 00:00 - Sunday 2nd April 2023 18:00

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Sure Guernsey Marathon 2023


£ 57.89
Full Marathon Standard Entry
£ 55.00
Early Bird (May - July) (Ages 18 - 90)
+ Admin fees £ 2.89

£ 55.79
Full Marathon Affiliated Entry
£ 53.00
Early Bird (May- July) (Ages 18 - 80)
+ Admin fees £ 2.79

£ 73.54
Mourant Relay Race - Team of TWO
£ 70.00
Early Bird (May - July) ( 2 x Ages 18 - 90 )
+ Admin fees £ 3.54

£ 152.65
Mourant Relay Race - Team of FIVE
£ 145.00
Early Bird (May - July) ( 5 x Ages 16 - 100 )
+ Admin fees £ 7.65

£ 10.53
Fun Run
£ 10.00
Standard (Ages 7 - 130)
+ Admin fees £ 0.53

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About Sure Guernsey Marathon 2023

The Sure Guernsey Marathon will take place on Sunday 2 April 2023 and the details are as follows:

Sure Guernsey Marathon:

The Race will start at 09.00hrs (TBC) in St Peter Port and takes you through some of the Island’s most scenic areas of country lanes, beautiful coast and some of Guernsey's most iconic landmarks. The route will take you along country lanes and traffic-controlled roads. All of the races will be run in accordance with UK Athletics Rules. Minimum age is 18 on the day.

Mourant Relay Race:

The Relay Race, kindly sponsored by Mourant, starts at 09.30hrs in St Peter Port and runners will run clockwise around the coast of Guernsey. You will be running alongside competitors in the Marathon Race.  You can participate in teams of 5 or teams of 2. This really is a fantastic opportunity for people of all levels of fitness to participate in a big race atmosphere.

Teams of 5

  • Teams of five runners will compete on the full marathon course with sections varying from 4- 6miles.

  • Relay Race Runners taking part in the 5-team race must be aged 16 years or above on the day of the race.

Teams of 2

  • Teams of two runners will compete on the full marathon course, with the relay station being at the halfway point around the course.

  • Relay Race Runners taking place in the 2-team race must be aged 17 years or above on the day of the race.

Fun Run:

The Fun Run starts at 10:00hrs in St Peter Port. A special course around the path & streets of St Peter Port is designed just for the Fun Run and the race is both a good competition and a fun way to take part in the day. 

  • The Fun Run is open to everyone over 7 years of age.

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Event Charities

Bowel Cancer Guernsey

Registration Number: CH102

Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation

Registration Number: 355