Straight 8 time trial - Friday 2nd August 2019

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Straight 8 time trial

Before you enter Straight 8 time trial

Runners are entering an event with no first aid present. This is a time tria at your own risk.

Straight 8 time trial has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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About Straight 8 time trial

Friday 2nd August 2019


Due to conflicting events with the two councils required to hold the event, and the concert at Powderham Castle on Saturday 3rd August, there will be an unofficial Straight 8 time trial for 45 runners to set a time for the 2020 event.

Runners will take part completely at their own risk. 

The event will be classed a Greenbow 'club run' with all proceeds of the event going directly to Jays Aim to help fund a new defibrillator for Exeter.

There will be no first aid present. If you have any health issues you are advised not to run.

Start time 7.00pm

Number collection 6.15-6.30pm

Time trial numbers to be collected on the day from the race registration area, The Strand, Starcross, EX6 8NY

Start: The Strand, Starcross, EX6 8NY

Finish: Piazza Terricina, The Quay, Exeter, EX2 8GT

Water station will be located at 3.5 and 6 miles but you are advised to bring your own hydration packs.


The route will be full signed. 

Time trial numbers must be pinned to the front of your shirt/vest in all four corners and must not be altered in size. Runners will be disqualified for failing to adhere to this.


There will be marshals at the road crossing at Countess Wear. "Green Man" crossing only. 

This is a one way time trial. Greenbow Running Club cannot return you to the start line to collect your vehicle.


**Trains depart regularly from Exeter St. Thomas Station to Starcross. Greenbow Running Club cannot be held responsible for late or cancelled trains resulting in you missing registration or the start of the time trial.



Starcross: Car parking at The Strand is limited



Cathedral & Quay, Lower Coombe Street, EX1 1DX

Haven Banks, Michael Browning Way, EX2 8DP

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