The Dozen Dips - Saturday 27th 08:00 - Saturday 27th July 2024 20:00

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The Dozen Dips

Before you enter The Dozen Dips


27th July 2024


Race starts @ 0800

Race finishes @ 2000

Registration closes @ 0700 on race day

Race Rules

  • It is the responsibility of the Swimmer to ensure they are capable of competing in the race
  • A race waver MUST be completed at registration
  • Swimmers must adhere to the race rules laid out in the race briefing
  • Swimmers must be in the starting corral when the bell rings
  • Each swim starts precisely one hour after the last
  • All swimmers must start when the bell rings (no late starts)
  • No hand paddles or pull buoys
  • Each swim must be completed within a hour to be counted, including the final lap
  • The winner is whoever swims the total distance for each course (full distance 12 miles or intro distance 6 miles) in the fasted cumulative time
  • Tow floats are mandatory for any swimmer who is not wearing a wetsuit


£ 125.00
Soloist £ 125.00
Soloist (Ages 15 - 130)

£ 155.00
RELAY £ 155.00
Relay ( 2 x Ages 15 - 130 , Additional Slots Available Ages 15 - 130 )

Make A Donation

Even if you're not taking part in The Dozen Dips you can still do your part for a good cause by making a donation.

About The Dozen Dips


The Dozen Dips is an ultra swimming event based at the stunning Cotswold Lake 86.

Long Course: Swim a mile, every hour, on the hour for 12 hours.

Total distance: 12 miles (around 19.3km)

Unsure about swimming 12 miles? Want to dip your toe in before committing to the long course? We also have an intro distance.

​Short Course: Swim half a mile, every hour, on the hour for 12 hours.

Total distance: 6 miles (around 9.7km)

​Still unsure? No need to decide on the distance now, start training and then pick your distance on the day.

The course will be set up as an 800m loop. Long course swimmers will complete two laps every hour (for a total of 12 miles). Short course swimmers will complete one lap every hour (for a total of 6 miles). Like our backyard running event, participants are able to use the time in between laps to rest and prepare for the next lap.

Entries for both long and short distance are open for soloists and relay teams – relay teams can be made of up to 3 swimmers.

Wetsuit or skins? Swimwear is totally your choice (as long as your modesty is maintained). Tow floats are mandatory for if you are swimming without a wetsuit.

This event is designed to be fun, sociable and celebrate the health and wellbeing benefits of wild swimming. But for those competitive fishes amongst the shoal, fear not!... Laps will be timed, allowing us to crown the fastest in each category to complete each distance.

​A great event for spectators too with camping available on site and fantastic food stalls all part of Lake 86 facilities.

Join us for the inaugural Dozen Dips - Saturday 27th July 2024.

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Registration Number: 1179222

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