The Donkey Drop Out - Saturday 4th 10:00 - Sunday 5th July 2020 23:00

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The Donkey Drop Out

Before you enter The Donkey Drop Out

Please note the loop will involve some public area's and if you are stubborn you will likely be competing over night. 

All entrants participating overnight will require a functioning torch

A High-Viz will be supplied to all participants and must be worn at all times whilst participating. 

Ticket price includes onsite camping

The bar will be open on Sunday along with changing facilities and showers

We would ask you to be self sufficient. There will be event tents where you can store items such as food and drinks and any bags you have. 

We will set a time limit of 30 hours for the inaugural event.

Event Entries include:

  • Onsite Camping
  • DNF Medal. Bronze Silver or Gold depending on how many loops you complete
  • Trophy to the last Donkey standing
  • High Viz bib

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About The Donkey Drop Out

How stubborn are you?

A 4 mile loop on flat terrain and all you have to do is complete it in an hour. Easy right?

However, you will need to be there on the start line on the hour every hour or you will be timed out... The race keeps on going until everyone is timed out and the winner is crowned only when they complete the final loop.

The race lasts as long as you do.... until the last donkey drops out!


Here's a bit more info for those already signed up & those considering joining:

General info
• Transition & start/finish area will be the small training pitch
as you enter The Track on the left
• Parking is available past the transition area
• Toilets, showers & changing facilities are available on site
throughout the event
• Each competitor will be allocated their own space to store
everything they have brought along for the event
• Please respect other road users, while the course should
be relatively quiet there is a need to cross a couple of roads
• The course will not be marshaled most of the time so we
are relying on the honesty of the competitors
• There will be mobile marshals on bikes out on the course
from time to time to not only check on competitors’ welfare
but to also ensure the course route is being followed

The race
• The race begins at 10am on Saturday 22nd June
• Runners must be in the starting circle when the lap whistle
sounds to be permitted to take part in the loop
• Each 4.167 mile loop starts on the hour
• The winner is the runner to complete 1 more loop than the
2nd placed competitor
• If the final competitor fails to complete the additional loop
then there is no winner (by completing the competitor must
be in the starting circle for the following loop when the
whistle sounds)
• A 1 minute & a 30 second warning will be given before the
start of each loop
• Competitors must complete each lap on foot & without
outside assistance
• Competitors can receive help in the transition area only
• There is a 30 hour cut off for the race, if 2 or more
competitors complete all 30 loops then the 1st across the
finish line on the final loop will be declared the winner
• If competitors need comfort breaks they must be in the
starting circle when the whistle sounds so may need to go
once the lap has started

The course
• Exit the training pitch towards the eastern end & in to
Victoria Avenue
• Turn right, keeping The Bowl on your left & enter Les
Osmonds where the route becomes a dirt track
• Keep on Les Osmonds & it become a tarmac road after
about 500m
• At the end of Les Osmonds turn left
• 20 yards later you reach La Route des Capelles (opposite
Grow Ltd)
• Turn right & keep on this road until you reach the zebra
crossing at the junction with Hougues Magues Road
• Use the crossing then turn right heading down through Les
Effards until you reach the traffic lights
• Turn right in to Rue du Dol heading towards St. Sampsons
High School
• At the roundabout turn left until you reach the traffic lights at
Baubigny Road
• Cross the road & turn right
• After 50 yards turn right towards Guernsey Prison
• Keeping the High School on your right follow the road
towards the prison then branch round to the right on to the
unnamed path
• Keeping the prison on you left & the high school then the 2
sets of green houses on your right continue on this path
until you reach a wooden gate
• Go through the gate & turn left on to Les Osmonds
• Continue back to Victoria Avenue
• Keeping The Bowl on your right follow the road round to the
• Take the 1st left (just before some scaffolding railings on
the opposite side of the road)
• At the end of this path rejoin the road turning left
• Follow this road up the hill to Beaton's chip shop & join the
pavement heading to the traffic lights
• Turn left in to Le Grand Bouet
• Once you have gone past a right & left-hand bend take the
next left (signposted 'Chateau de Marais)
• Follow this road until you go through an arch into the
chateau's grounds
• Go clockwise round the outside of the chateau & exit out
the same way you entered
• Rejoin Le Grand Bouet at the same point, turn left & run to
the sea front
• Turn left on to Le Banques, staying on the pavement on the
left-hand side of the road
• Turn left in to Victoria Avenue & return to The Track

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