The Donkey Drop Out - Saturday 22nd June 2019

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The Donkey Drop Out

Before you enter The Donkey Drop Out

Please note the loop will involve some public area's and if you are stubborn you will likely be competing over night. 

All entrants participating overnight will require a functioning torch

A High-Viz will be supplied to all participants and must be worn at all times whilst participating. 

Ticket price includes onsite camping

The bar will be open on Sunday along with changing facilities and showers

We would ask you to be self sufficient. There will be event tents where you can store items such as food and drinks and any bags you have. 

We will set a time limit of 30 hours for the inaugural event.

Event Entries include:

  • Onsite Camping
  • DNF Medal. Bronze Silver or Gold depending on how many loops you complete
  • Trophy to the last Donkey standing
  • High Viz bib

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I'm more stubborn than you pooh bear
The Donkey Drop Out

About The Donkey Drop Out

How stubborn are you?

A 4 mile loop on flat terrain and all you have to do is complete it in an hour. Easy right?

However, you will need to be there on the start line on the hour every hour or you will be timed out... The race keeps on going until everyone is timed out and the winner is crowned only when they complete the final loop.

The race lasts as long as you do.... until the last donkey drops out!

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