Army Team Relay Triathlon Championships 2020 - Wednesday 9th 00:00 - Wednesday 9th September 2020 08:00

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Army Team Relay Triathlon Championships 2020

Before you enter Army Team Relay Triathlon Championships 2020

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On the day entry.
Cheques are to be made to Army Triathlon Association the fee will be £40.00 per three-person team.  On the day entry closes at 1100 hours.

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About Army Team Relay Triathlon Championships 2020

The Team Relay competition 2020 will be held on Wed 9th Sep 20 commencing at 1200 hours at Eton Dorney Lake.  DB Max Multisport events will co-ordinate the event, online entries and race details through their website (DB Max).  The race will be held on private roads with minimal traffic and is a non-drafting event.  It is requested that this Administration Order is disseminated as widely as possible.

Regular / Reserve sevice personnel
The Army Team Relay Triathlon 2019 at the Eton Dorney Lake is open to Regular / Reserve service personnel, from all three Services and entitled MOD civil service personnel (who must take leave and show proof of third-party liability insurance).  However, only Army personnel will be eligible for prizes.  This event is a particularly good event for novices or athletes wanting to experience their first open water swim or multi-sport race.  Further details can be gained from DB Max.  Please enter on line and any queries should be directed to the undersigned in the first instance.

Army Triathlon Association Membership. 
Participants do not have to be members of the ATA to race but membership is strongly encouraged.  Membership only cost £10 per year, all details including benefits can be obtained from the ATA SharePoint and by speaking to membership secretary on the day. 

Paratriathletes and Tri-Service athletes.  The event will be open to all members of the Tri-Service community and the course will be adapted as necessary to ensure that all Paratriathletes can race.  Entry to this race by members of the other services is encouraged but it should be noted that members of the Royal Navy and RAF will not be eligible for prizes. 

Corporate Team Competition
Our Sponsors and supporters are encouraged to enter as many teams as possible.  Race Entry will be ‘on the day’ for these teams.

Event details 
A one-lap lake swim of 300 m (wetsuits compulsory) is followed by a flat, two 5km laps on closed roads before departing for an out and back, traffic free run of 3km.  Teams of 3 will consecutively complete each stage of Swim, Bike, Run course. 

a.   Swim.  The swim will be conducted in Eton Dorney Lake with the appropriate water safety cover. The 300m swim course will be set out in advance (GPS measured) using buoys as the turn points.  Each athlete will have to complete the swim course in turn before transitioning to the bike.

 b.  Bike.  The two-lap bike course is on closed roads.  Each athlete will have to complete the bike course in turn before transitioning to the run.  Competitors should make note of the route which will be displayed in transition.  Static and mobile draft busters will enforce BTF drafting rules.  Approved cycle helmets are mandatory.                                             
c. Run.  The single out and back 3km run is flat and on tarmac.  Each athlete will have to complete the run course in turn before crossing the finish line together as a team.

Prize Giving.  The prize giving ceremony will start once the results have been finalised by DB Max but no later than 1400 hours.  All competitors are strongly encouraged to remain until the prize giving is completed.  Prizes will be awarded as follows so long as there are more than three athletes in each category:

- Male Team.  Winners. 
- Female Team.  Winners. 
- Male Veterans Team (over 40).  Winner.     
Female Veterans Team (over 35).  Winner.
- Mixed Team.  Winner.

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