ARC South West 'Chilly' Road Relays 2019 - Sunday 14th April 2019

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ARC South West 'Chilly' Road Relays 2019

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Sorry, tickets for this event have now sold out. Entries are avilable on the day between 09:00 and 09:45.

About ARC South West 'Chilly' Road Relays 2019

DB Max are proud to announce the ARC South West 'Chilly' Road Relays on Sunday 14th April 2019 starting at 10:30, held at Castle Combe Race Circuit.

The race consists of teams of 4 completing 2 laps each of the super-smooth, traffic-free tarmac of the circuit. There is also an option for junior teams of 4 completing just one lap each of the circuit.

Race Format:

  • Teams of 4.
  • Male, Female and Mixed Teams (mixed team is at least 1 person of each gender in a team).
  • Each member completes 2 laps of the track (3.7 miles), totalling 14.8 miles per team.
  • The junior event will be male or female teams, with 1 lap of the track of 1.85 miles totalling 7.4 miles per team.
  • Team members will be running with a baton which is handed over in the 'change over zone'


  • Open Male, Mixed and Female Teams (Mixed teams are eligible for the open prize only)
  • Vet, Male, and Female Teams
  • Junior Male and Female Teams (Juniors are classified as under 16 on the day of the race)
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