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At Cry Jersey, all of the projects we support (40 projects in 30 countries, supporting more than 9000 children and young people) aim to Enable Education, Empower Girls, Provide Aid, Support Refugees and Improve Mental Health. Funds we receive go towards projects such as building schools, providing meals, giving refuge to the displaced or providing vocational training – we work with organisations on the ground to ensure we provide the support that is most needed for marginalised and disadvantaged children.

We believe that by changing just one life we begin a process of wider change. Every child we support has the potential to become an agent of change in their community; driving further action to lift even more vulnerable children and families out of danger, poverty and hardship.

You can find our upcoming events below:

CRY Jersey Western Walk - Saturday 11th May - 9am - Victoria Avenue

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The Western Walk - 11/05/24
£ 10.53
Standard Entry - Adult
£ 10.00
Standard Entry (Ages 16 - 130)
+ Admin fees £ 0.53
Linked to Charity: CRY Jersey

£ 7.53
Standard Entry - Child
£ 7.00
Standard Entry (Ages 5 - 15)
+ Admin fees £ 0.53
Linked to Charity: CRY Jersey

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