Cranbrook Country Park Colour Run - Saturday 6th 10:00 - Saturday 6th July 2024 16:00

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Cranbrook Country Park Colour Run

Before you enter Cranbrook Country Park Colour Run

Join us for Cranbrook's first colour run! 

Move More Cranbrook and Cranbrook Running Club are hosting a 2km family fun run and a 5km fun run around the beautiful country park.  With multiple colour stations dotted around the course you are sure to be very colourful by the time you complete to fun run.

You will finish your run in the country park event space where you will be cheered home by the spectators.  You will also notice that you finish in the middle of a fete/fun fair.  

09:30 - Registration opens at the Youghayes Centre.
10:30 - 2km Family Fun Run begins (Start in the Country Park).
11:00 - Fun Run Finishes in the event space.  Medals and prizes given out.
11:30 - 5km Colour run begins (Start in the Country Park).
12:30 - 5km finishes in the event space.  Medals and prizes given out. 

As an added bonus to the colour runs, we are hosting a summer fete style event at the finish line.  We have all sorts of activities planned for you to continue your fun day with bouncy castles and fair games.  All hosted by local sporting clubs & health and wellbeing groups who are there to provide information about what Cranbrook has on offer for it's community.  
The Summer Fete will open from 10:30 with fun and games throughout the day until 16:00.


£ 10.00
5KM ENTRY (Colour Run)
£ 10.00
5km Entry (Ages 11 - 130)

£ 5.00
FAMILY FUN RUN - Adult Entry (Colour Run)
£ 5.00
Family Fun Run - Adult (Ages 12 - 130)

£ 2.50
FAMILY FUN RUN - Child Entry (Colour Run)
£ 2.50
Family Fun Run - Child (Ages 4 - 11)

About Cranbrook Country Park Colour Run

This is a fun run and not a race and is open to all those wishing to walk, jog or run.

There is a lower age limit for the fun run of 4 years old. For the 5km there is a lower age limit of 11 years old.  We ask that all under 11’s are supervised by a parent/guardian for both events.

The coloured powder paint is 100% safe and non- toxic. It is biodegradable and will not affect the environment. The paint should not cause harm to participants however we recommend that you do not enter if you have a respiratory, skin, or medical condition that could be affected. This is the powder we are using click here

If you are unsure, please consult your doctor before taking part.

We recommend that you consider wearing sunglasses/goggles to protect your eyes from the colour. If any colour does get in your eyes, wash it out immediately at the eye wash stations positioned around the course. Please do not throw colour into other people’s faces.

Please wear clothing/shoes that you do not mind getting coloured and potentially stained.  MMC and CRC cannot accept any responsibility for stained clothes or personal belongings.  Each of the colour stations can be avoided if you don’t want to run through the thrown powder. 

Cleaning stations are provided after the run where you can remove any excess powder. Please use this facility to avoid getting the coloured powder inside your vehicles / on public transport on your way home!

Sunglasses and White T-shirts are available to add to your entry and will be on sale on the day.

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