Virtual 2021 Cornelly Half Marathon - Saturday 16th January 08:00 - Friday 31st December 2021 17:00

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Virtual 2021 Cornelly Half Marathon

Before you enter Virtual 2021 Cornelly Half Marathon

Important Information

Cornelly Striders Members Only.

The run should start and finish as close to home as possible and be a loop or out and back route. Start and finish places should be as near to each other as is sensible (within 500m).

YOU choose your run month, day and time. You need to give an indication of the month you plan to run.

Plan your route before the day. Ensure your training, fitness and health are right for your chosen event. If in doubt seek advice from your GP. You are responsible for your safety, welfare, refreshments etc. on the day. Please follow relevant Covid19 guidance throughout training and on the day of your run. 

Entrants must be 17 years or older. There is a time limit of 4 and a half hours to complete the half marathon. This is enough time to run/walk should you need to.


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About Virtual 2021 Cornelly Half Marathon

Come and get your RACE ON! Or at least stay motivated throughout the typical 'binge' time of year and put your training to use in the New Year. The winter months can be a tough time, physically and mentally but having a goal will keep you focussed. 

Choose your day - any day up until and including 31st December 2021. But you need to register by 14th February 2021 with an idea of which month you will complete your chosen event!

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