The Salisbury 10 Mile 2024 - Sunday 17th 10:00 - Sunday 17th March 2024 12:00

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The Salisbury 10 Mile 2024

Before you enter The Salisbury 10 Mile 2024

What do participants agree to when they sign up?

​By entering this event you declare that to the best of your knowledge you are medically fit to take part and that you enter entirely at your own risk.

​You agree that the organisers, event directors, host venues and/or sponsors shall not be liable for any incident, accident, injury, loss or damage suffered by you in or by reason of the event.

​You confirm that where an affiliation reference is provided, that it relates to the entrant directly, and if found to be otherwise, risks disqualification from the event without refund.

​You confirm that you are an amateur and meet the minimum of age requirements (17 years) as specified by the event organisers.

​You understand that refunds, deferrals & transfers are at the sole discretion of the event organiser.

​Your details shall be provided for the purposes of safely staging and effectively managing the event.

​This race is licenced by UK Athletics and all runners agree to abide by the rules of UK Athletics. 

Rules of Competition | UK Athletics

​Entrants are to understand that the organisers reserve the right to alter arrangements/conditions should circumstances require.

​Headphones and in-earphones are not permitted during this race for the safety of the competitor.  This is to ensure runners can hear all marshal instructions and listen for any vehicles on the road.  Bone-conducting headphones are permitted to be worn.

​Transfers are acceptable and remains the responsibility of the entrant to transfer through Race Nation.  There is not a waiting list.

​Unfortunately the race is not suitable for wheelchair users.

​A time limit of 135 minutes is deemed reasonable for the completion of the race.


Sorry, this event has now sold out. There is no waiting list.

About The Salisbury 10 Mile 2024

The Salisbury 10 mile is the City of Salisbury Athletics & Running Club’s flagship event. A friendly race suitable for all abilities that follows a scenic route north of Salisbury following the banks of the River Avon through the gently undulating Woodford Valley with fine views of the cathedral spire on the return leg.

​Organised and marshaled entirely by volunteers, the race is fully UKA licensed and run under UKA rules.

The race is also part of the Hampshire & District Road Race league (Hampshire Road Race League – a running club competition (

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