Centrepoint 4x4x48 Challenge - Friday 19th 18:00 - Sunday 21st May 2023 18:00

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Centrepoint 4x4x48 Challenge

Centrepoint 4x4x48 Challenge has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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About Centrepoint 4x4x48 Challenge

Welcome to the Centrepoint 4x4x48 Challenge, our inaugural fundraiser for The Space at Centrepoint, our specialised facility supporting children aged 4-11 with complex or additional needs. 

A first for Jersey, this is no ordinary challenge! 4x4x48 was created by the legendary David Goggins and brought to life in Jersey by James Barrett, whose son, Teddy, loves The Space at Centrepoint. 

Join Ultra challengers running 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours or take on one of four alternative challenges. So if you run for a club, run regularly but want to challenge yourself further, want to run with colleagues or are a junior runner we have a run for you. 

Run on island. Run remotely. Run solo. Run with friends. Together we can make a difference; together we change children's lives; four miles at a time. 

Pick your Challenge 

Ultra Challenge – Run 4 miles, every 4 hours for 48 hours.

Club Challenge – Run 4 miles, every 6 for 48 hours.

Mega Challenge – Run 4 miles, every 8 hours for 48 hours.

Relay Challenge – Teams of up to 4 complete 4 miles, every 4 hours for 48 hours.

Junior Challenge – Run 2 miles, every 8 hours, for 48 hours.

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Centrepoint 4x4x48 Challenge Time

Friday 19 May 18:00 – Sunday 21 May 2023 18:00

Need a reason to run the Centrepoint 4x4x48 Challenge?

As Jersey's leading childcare charity, Centrepoint funds year-round complex needs care at The Space at La Pouquelaye and, under contract with the Government of Jersey, we provide specialist, often 1-1, care at The Space at Mont à L'Abbé for the school holidays. This childcare enables parents to work, spend quality time with one another or their other children, or even just have a bit of much-needed “me” time; confident in the knowledge that their children are cared for according to their specific needs.

Our biggest financial challenge each year is funding the 7 weeks of care during the school holidays at The Space at La Pouquelaye – the cost of this care alone is nearly £55,800.

Our specific fundraising target through the Centrepoint 4x4x48 Challenge is £9,000, equivalent to one week of holiday care. You can support us by signing up to run through Race Nation and by raising money through personal sponsorship. Together we can make a difference; together we change children's lives; four miles at a time. Thank you.

The Challenge Weekend

Run on island. Run remotely. Run solo. Run with friends.

Although the Centrepoint 4x4x48 Challenge is a virtual event, there will be an opportunity to join a group run to start on Friday 19 May 2023 at 6pm on The Waterfront, we will also be holding a group run to close the event finishing at 6pm on Sunday 21 May at Centrepoint at Le Pouquelaye. We will celebrate with a family fun day with food, bouncy castle and much more. This will allow you to meet our 4x4x48 Challengers and celebrate the funds raised through their blood, sweat and tears.

We are also able to offer accomodation at The Scout Hut in St Ouen's for the two nights (at a small extra cost) if you wish to join others for the middle of the night runs.

Join James' Run Schedule

  • Friday 6pm - The Waterfront

  • Friday 10pm, Saturday 2am, Saturday 6am - Scout Hut, St Ouen's

  • Saturday 10am, Saturday 2pm - TBC

  • Saturday 6pm - Howard Davis Park

  • Saturday 10pm, Sunday 2am, Sunday 6am - Scout Hut, St Ouen's

  • Sunday 10am - TBC

  • Sunday 2pm - Centrepoint followed by family day celebrations!

Suggested routes for your 4x4x48 Challenge

Waterfront / Victoria Avenue / Les Quennevais / FB Fields / Queens Valley Reservoir

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