Round the Bays Road Race - Sunday 28th 07:00 - Sunday 28th July 2024 11:00

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Round the Bays Road Race

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£ 10.00
Round the Bays
£ 10.00

About Round the Bays Road Race


Tony Richomme Memorial Road Race Round the Bays Sunday 28 July 7:00 am start.

This year it will also be the JCA Road Race Champinship 

Starting at West Park (Race HQ), first car park on the seafront opposite West Park.

The race is neutralised until the foot of Ghost Hill, a Marshal will stop traffic from coming down, but this does not ensure it will be traffic Free.

All the major junctions will be marshalled, minor left turns will be sign posted only, so it is important to study the route.  Note as the names suggests you will be descending into and climbing a number of bays, note the race is not won on the descents, but on the climbs, and any most of the roads are two way.

Guests are welcome,  but note Round the Bays is not a beginners race, riders should consider this before racing against more experienced club riders. Everyone needs to ride within their ability.

Note  at Jersey Pearl proceed up the hill past the crossroads, car park and then take the left onto the Route de L'etaq. This is the same turning used on a number of TT/Tri  courses.

YA use discount code JCAYA


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