CCC Mont Cambrai Divisional Road Race - Sunday 18th 07:00 - Sunday 18th April 2021 09:00

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CCC Mont Cambrai Divisional Road Race


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About CCC Mont Cambrai Divisional Road Race

CCC Mont Cambrai Race

The race HQ is the car park by Vic in the Valley, and is also the start. The finish is on the German Road, on the last lap riders will need to take left at Vic in the Valley and ride up to the top, where there will be a flag and line.

Note the selection of division is only a preference, if demand exceeds the maximum size for that division, riders will be  moved up or down a division, with the final entry list published on Saturday.  Please do not enter the event if you can not accept this condition.

The race is four separate divisional races with a length of 7, 6, 5, 4 laps.  Riders can only ride and draft from or providing drafting to riders in their division. Any riders mixing will be DQ either during or after the race. This is for your own safety.

When a faster group is about to lap a slower group, the rider on the front must provide clear instructions to riders in their group and the group being passed. The race is neutralised at this point and all riders hold their existing positions, until the last rider has passed. There are plenty of safe places to pass, so the faster group must slow down and wait, and not pass on any bends.






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