JCA 5m TT - Thursday 2nd 18:30 - Thursday 2nd September 2021 20:00

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About JCA 5m TT

JCA 5m TT  first rider to start at 18:30pm, start time will be emailed on Wednesday 1 Sept.

You must wear your JCA race number, for anyone new it goes on the bottum left of you top covering the pockets. The idea is the timekeeper can see it as they are standing on the left side of the course.Too high and it can not be read as you will be in aero postion when you cross the line.

Anyone with out a number can borrow one from Race HQ, which is the car park on the right just pass the start, but before the finish.

Route is as follows, impossible to get lost on this one.


Note you will be turning between the two marshals listern to any instructions they give you, they will be stopping the traffic as you arrive.


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