10 Mile TT Series Race 2 Tour de Bretange - Thursday 25th 18:30 - Thursday 25th April 2024 20:00

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10 Mile TT Series Race 2 Tour de Bretange


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About 10 Mile TT Series Race 2 Tour de Bretange

Entries open:

Friday 12th April '24 at 18:30

Entries close:

Wednesday 24th April '24 at 18:30

Race Details

  • Start time: 18:30

  • First bike off at: 1831

  • Format: 1 minute intervals

Due to the dying light, we strongly recommend rear lights whist competing and lights for your journey home will be a necessity. 

Can we ask all competitors to line up on the slip road at La Pulente no more than 5 minutes before your start time.  Please do not congregate on the main road.

Course Route

Tour de Bretagne 10 Mile TT

Event HQ

For Marshals only, the event HQ will be the gravel car park at the top of Jubilee Hill, where you will be given the equipment. Please arrive by 18:05 latest. Marshals will be briefed as the equipment is handed out.

Riders, please feel free to leave bottles, jackets etc at Race HQ (the finish) before rolling down for your start time, or vice-versa.

Race Officials

Please do not approach the officials when the race is in progress. If you do DNF let your number be known and make your way away from the Officials once they have confirmed acceptance.

The results will be published the same day on BMRT Facebook Page & JCA website.


Public toilets available in at La Braye.


  • Always obey the rules of the road

  • Do not cross the white line

  • Do not drop empty gels or bar wrappers.

  • Foul language, inexcusable unsportsmanlike behaviour and unnecessarily dangerous riding will result in automatic DQ.  Organisers decision is final.

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