The Hanham Horror 2021 Virtual - Thursday 1st 00:00 - Friday 30th April 2021 23:55

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The Hanham Horror 2021 Virtual

Before you enter The Hanham Horror 2021 Virtual

Please note - we have taken a tongue in cheek approach to our 2021 medals. 2020 was a write off for all of us, and after the 2020 race could not go ahead, we were left with all the medals which we did not want to go to waste.

That being said, we have managed to put on our creative hats and amend each individual medal by hand. We know The Hanham Horror is a very well loved race with incredible medals, and are saddened that once again it cannot fully go ahead. So please join us in being resilient, showing covid who's boss and earning yourself a very unique one of a kind medal! Head to our facebook page for a preview.

*Please ensure you enter by selecting the correct type of medal. We have a small amount of the Cinco De Mayo rabbit and ZomBunny medals in addition to the 2021 medal. Why not collect all three?!




The Hanham Horror 2021 Virtual - 2021 Medal
£ 10.00
'2021' Medal Affiliated

The Hanham Horror 2021 Virtual - 2019 Cinco De Mayo Rabbit Medal
£ 10.00
The Hanham Horror 2021 Virtual - 2019 Cinco De Mayo Rabbit Medal (Ages 18 - 130)

The Hanham Horror 2021 Virtual - 2018 ZomBunnie Undated Medal
£ 10.00
2021 Virtual - 2018 ZomBunnie Undated Medal

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About The Hanham Horror 2021 Virtual


1st - 30th APRIL 2021

Start your Easter with a 5.5 Mile race while fundraising for the South & East Bristol Food Bank!

Once again covid has put a spanner in the works for our well loved gruelling Hanham Horror, so we've taken the decision to make the race virtual so that runners of all abilities in all locations can still take part and get their hands on the fabulous Hanham Horror medals. Various options available at purchase options. 

5.5 Mile Race organised by Bitton Road Runners. 

An ARC permit applied for.

Venue - You can take part in the race anywhere you like, by running, walking or connecting with your inner zombie and crawling! Just record your effort using Strava, the Race Nation or any other running app or alternatively take a picture to submit your evidence.

Strava and the Race Nation app directly link into Race Nation for ease.

Entry Fee  £10.00 - £1 from every entry will be donated to The East & North Bristol Food Bank.

Minimum entry age is 18 years

Online entries close 14:00 on 30th April 2021. Deadline for completion is 23:50 30th April 2021.

Transfers to a runner or different medal permitted. No deferrals. 


In addition to the 2021 medals, we have a limited number of the Cinco De Mayo rabbit and the ZomBunny medals available. Simply chose your medal options at entry. 2021 medals are a tongue in cheek, resourceful salute to the horror of 2020 while keeping an economical and upcycling approach to a planet that is already full of too much waste! Medal reveal 17th March.

Why not go for the hatrick and collect all three?!

East & North Bristol Food Bank

Covid has hit most of us hard, and more people than ever are relying on local food banks (Including our hard working NHS workers) We will be donating £1 from each entry to help support our local community. You can find out more about the charity here



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