Boddington Marathon 2020 - Saturday 26th 06:45 - Saturday 26th September 2020 18:45

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Boddington Marathon 2020

Boddington Marathon 2020 has been taken offline by the event organiser. For further information please contact the event organiser directly.

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About Boddington Marathon 2020

Boddington Marathon

Cheltenham Gloucestershire

Saturday 26th  September 2020 Start 10:00am


Tech T Shirt to be collected at race registration prior to the race. Special design Medal to all Finishers

Age 18 Years on race day   -   Time Limit 7 Hours 

Before the race
Parking:  for the event is in a field which will be allocated by Boddington Estates Ltd which will be in a field next to Church of St Mary, Magalene,Boddington,Cheltenham,Gloucestershire GL51 OTJ

Please ensure you keep to the left hand side of the road as the runners will be participating in the Boddington 100K Road Race.

Registration and general enquires: are located in the Conservatory Boddington Manor, Boddington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. GL51 0TJ 

Registration will be open from 06:30am on race day                                      

Boddington Marathon Run Start 10:00am

Race Briefing

Assemble for race briefing on the side of the road at 9.50am

you’re running number and chip will be issued on the day from race HQ. You need to register by no later than 09:30am Write your name; contact details and any relevant medical information should be on the back of your race number which should be pinned at each corner and visible on the front of your clothing during the race.

The Finish is between two stone mushrooms before Boddington Manor. 

COURSE-1,463K  to church gate then 11 laps anticlockwise of laps 3533.2m then 867 meters to the Finish at Boddington Manor on a very flat, and fast course

Quiet and almost traffic free roads.

The race is run anticlockwise entirely on rural country lanes, which are not normally busy.

There is a feeding station on every lap with Water, High 5, Bananas, Chocolate, Coke, and Lemonade.

Please note you are welcome to leave your personal belongings in the conservatory at Boddington Manor which is race

For reasons of health and safety your number must not be transferred to another person.Doing so without the permission of the event organisers will result in disqualification 

In the unfortunate cancellation of the event through circumstances beyond the control of the race organisers the event will be Cancelled.

Please note there is a withdrawal policy and Special Circumstances which is on our website.Its Important you read it .

During the race 

RUNNERS MUST KEEP TO THE LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE ROAD FOR THE WHOLE OF THE RACE. Please do not cause concern by running 4 or more abreast and, at the same time,crossing to the right to cut corners causing danger to your selves and other road users; follow the advice of marshals and if running in groups keep no more than four abreast and on the left hand side of the road. Should you be seen running in a way that may cause danger then you risk disqualification.

Notice to runners’ supporters - no cars or bicycles on course 

Because of the road narrowness around the course, supporters are asked not to travel around the course in cars 

Refreshments: Are available coffee, tea, rolls and cakes at Race HQ -  from 10:00am

Presentation of awards: for the first three Individuals Men and Women

 Vet Prizes Women V40, V50, V60, V70, V80 

 Vet Prizes Men V40, V50, V60, V70, V/80 

Presentation of awards will be made as soon as possible after the race at Boddington Manor Race HQ Individual Men & Women 1st, 2nd, 3rd   At 1.45pm

All other prizes will be awarded at 3.30pm

Personal and Medical details
Has a condition of entry to this event you are required to complete your personal and medical details in the boxes on the back of your race number. You also agree that these may be made available, along with any other personal details to the event organisers and the relevant medical race services. In the event of an emergency part of the event terms and conditions are that you agree to supply your contact details to these bodies. By displaying your number you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this event. Your next of kin/emergency contact should be someone who will be contactable on the day of this event.

The course has a UKA Certificate of Course Accuracy. The course is a single loop of 3.533.2 meters which is flat and fast course. Runners must keep to the left hand side of the road for the whole race and at no time cross to the right hand side of the road to cut corners this may cause danger to yourselves and other road users. Therefore please follow the advice of the marshals and if running in groups keep no more than three abreast and keep to the left hand side of the road. Should you be seen running in such a way as to cause danger to other road users then you risk disqualification.

                                                             OUR FINAL THANKS GO TO

We give our very grateful thanks to Local Medical Services for medical support and to those friends and members of Gloucestershire AAA, local running clubs,Neil Meynell marshals from Tewkesbury, The Royal British Legion Hardwicke,  and Raynet UK Radio Communications






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