2022 in 2022 - Saturday 1st January 00:00 - Saturday 31st December 2022 23:59

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2022 in 2022

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Thanks for taking the time to visit my SportsGiving page.

I’ll be taking on the challenge of running 2022km in 2022 in an attempt to raise funds and awareness for the Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation.

The GCFSF provide financial and emotional support for Jersey families who need it when a child in the family requires medical treatment in the UK.

This challenge will not only seek to raise funds through sponsorship but will also hope to engage the Jersey community in various fun runs and challenges so that we can spread the word about the work that the foundation does, in the hope that more families will seek their support.

How can you help? You could sponsor using this page. You could share information about the great work the GCFSF does with friends and family. You could take part in a fun run or event as/when we organise them. You could get in touch to offer support by organising an event to raise more funds. 

For more information about the Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation, visit https://gracecrocker.org.je.


This is a fundraising only event. Please make a donation to Alan's Fundraising page by clicking the HERE

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The Grace Crocker Family Support Foundation

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