Fyfield 5K and 10K 2022 - Sunday 11th 10:40 - Sunday 11th September 2022 14:00

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Fyfield 5K and 10K 2022

Before you enter Fyfield 5K and 10K 2022

The Fyfield Footpath 5K is organised by 1st Moreton and Fyfield Scout Group. Please note that this event makes use of a wide range of off road terrains, so please expect this.

Entries for the 5K are for adults (18+) and children (0-17) Children under the age of 3 do not need to enter, but will not receive a souvenir t-shirt.

Entries for the 10K are for over 15s.

Teams are up to 8 people, you can set up a team or join a team during the registration process. The team event will take place alongside the event and does not impact you participating as an individual in the event.

Please make sure to get your age categories correct, these are 5 (5-9) 10 (10-15) 16 (16-19), 20 (20-29), 30 (30-39), 40 (40-49), 50 (50-59), 60 (60-79), 80 (80+) on the day of the event. On the front of this would be the participants gender (i.e. a Male over the age of 16 would be in the M16 category).

You will be asked for a t-shirt size ( chest sizes XS:44.5cm, S:48cm, M:51.5cm, L:55cm, XL:58.5cm, XXL:62cm)

We will ask an approximate 5km time, in case we have to put in place COVID19 mitigation measures involving staggered starts.


£ 18.00
10K Entry
£ 18.00
Early Bird (Ages 15 - 130)

£ 12.00
Fyfield 5K Adult
£ 12.00
Early Bird (Ages 18 - 130)

£ 7.00
Fyfield 5K Child
£ 7.00
Early Bird Child (Ages 0 - 18)

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About Fyfield 5K and 10K 2022

Returning the the picturesque countryside of Essex, the Fyfield 5K and 10K provide an amazing opportunity to take on the great outdoors, and it's all in aid of a good cause!

The Fyfield 5K takes place almost entirely off road, making use of a short section of pavement close to the end. The race starts at 10:00, and participants of all ages and speeds can take part.

The Fyfield 10K kicks off at 09:40, extending the 5K route with an extension featuring a steady climb on private roads and farm tracks, because of this we encourage participants over 15 to take part.

Canine friends are extremely welcome.

We take pride in being a community event and aim to be as welcoming as possible, please let us know if there is anything that we can do to make this event more accessible. All of the funds raised go to support 1st Moreton and Fyfield Scout Group, who provide amazing opportunities for local Young People!

We also support clubs, please reach out to us at info@fyfield5k.com if you would like to get involved.

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